Pop-Up Magazine Is A Blink-And-You’ll-Miss-It Experiment In Storytelling

Switch off your smartphones, everyone—the magazine is about to begin. Yes, that’s right, I said magazine, and yes, I’m serious about the digital detox. Unlike other shows where you’d be fighting camera flashes and your own temptation to take selfies, when Pop-Up Magazine takes the stage, you won’t see or hear a camera snap within earshot.
Human beings are obsessed with capturing every moment, to the extent that we feel naked if we leave the house without our iPhones attached to our arms like conjoined limbs. It’s this very idea that spurred Chas Edwards and his team to create Pop-up Magazine in San Francisco in 2009, as a way to actually hold people’s attention and get them to interact with stories in an completely engaged and in-the-moment way. Simply put, Pop-Up Magazine a magazine performed live by writers, radio producers, photographers, filmmakers and musicians. The shows feature true, never-before seen or heard multimedia stories alongside photographs, animations, illustrations, film or music performed live by Magik*Magik Orchestra. Currently produced two to three times a year, the shows routinely sell out.
Because of the shows’ ephemeral nature, audiences pay close attention, like how they would mindfully indulge in a 3-star Michelin restaurant meal soaking up the restaurant decor, tableware and overall ambience, as opposed to quickly chowing down a McDonald’s cheeseburger. After each show, the audience is invited to a bar to discuss the stories with each other and the performers.
Although they keep most of the details under wraps, PSFK got an exclusive

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