Plum: Making diversity happen – by design

Plum CEO Caitlin MacGregor has heard it all before, that companies are unable to find qualified women and as a result are unable to meet their diversity goals.
“Bullshit,” she says.
The reason companies can’t find qualified women, MacGregor says, is that they keep making the same mistakes, using the same broken hiring processes and getting the same unwanted outcomes.
“If you are using artificial barriers to [a] job that actually don’t predict success, you’re not helping attract anybody,” says MacGregor.
Plum, she says, has a fix. It’s called “diversity by design.”
Boiled down, it means changing hiring practices. It means removing people and their inherent biases from the early stage of the hiring process, doing away with résumés, and handing the job over to dispassionate machines. Specifically, to Plum and its algorithms.
“Why not let the machine do the work at the top?” says Plum’s new Director of Marketing, Andy Pandya. “How can you afford not to?”
People, Pandya says, hire what they know, and in many cases who they know. Trouble is, those people often aren’t the most qualified. Or diverse.
Plum’s products use intelligent questions that help companies more accurately identify the people they need, matching them with prospective hires on a dispassionate, bias-free basis.

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