M-Theory: Your startup can benefit from a grunt’s long-term view

I’m a grunt. Or “individual contributor” in corporate speak. Managing people isn’t really my thing, and I’ve never been interested in entrepreneurship. I prefer tactics to strategy, organizing things to “vision.” You want me operating your operations.
All of that makes it kind of ridiculous that I ever ended up working at startups.
I started pondering that recently when my coworker published this post about redefining startups. We’re old, and he and I have shared many beers and many startup stories. We also share this philosophy of building for the long-term.
Now, I’m not suggesting some mythical lifer utopia with a gold watch at the end. But the current hyper speed model and expectations for startups – is this really the best we can do?
Is this model building the technology – and world — we want (or need)? Besides, most startups crash and burn. Is that what you’re so eager to dive into?
That model sucks for us grunts. When everything’s supposed to be moving at the speed of light, there’s never time to build anything well, just enough to get it out the door.
It turns all of us into That Kid. Remember when you were little, that kid who always made huge

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