M-Theory: Technology and the steady commoditization of people

Have you ever noticed that in movies set in the future, it’s invariably a world of zero privacy? The government knows everything about you. In public you’re stalked by hyper-personalized advertising. Your devices and home automation are basically your brain cloned and stuffed into brushed metal casing.
With the exception of works set in post-apocalyptic dystopias, perhaps. No power grid, no internet, and “advertising” is half-buried, rusty signs denoting irony or nostalgia.
So that’s our choice? Either your entire existence becomes a database entry to be mined and sold at will … or we blow civilization to smithereens and no one knows your favourite kind of nail polish or political leanings unless you discuss it.
Has it really never occurred to anyone that we could make different choices? Or do we realize that the powers that be just wouldn’t care if we tried? But then, we’re already being groomed for the first future I mentioned. One little thing at a time commoditizes us.
For example, from time to time I still see people express surprise when the Google Doodle is a personalized image and message to them on their birthdays. Seriously? That’s the least of what they know about you.
Or when several folks

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