M-Theory: On net neutrality, the medium is part of the message

The prospect of the repeal of net neutrality in the U.S. is terrifying, and its effects would be felt well north of the 49th parallel (globally, really). There’s been plenty of news coverage, running the gamut of rhetorical skill, knowledge proficiency, and political agenda.
If some small good can come from this debacle, it’s that some of the coverage provides an interesting and educational look at how to address, engage, and educate an audience.
None of the examples that follow are from pro-repeal writers. Because honestly.
Of course, we need some good ’ol clickbait, so let’s start with this dredged-up piece on the lack of net neutrality in Portugal that’s making the rounds. In truth, though, the tiered system of internet access mentioned in that article only applies to mobile, and Portugal is subject to broader EU-wide laws as well. But hey, they tried.
A lot of coverage was just rather generic and dry. It might appeal to a specific professional or technical audience, but can be a slog for the average online reader. See this Wired article with its depth of detail and numbers or Gizmodo’s “the day after” legal take. Plus, a vague “it ain’t over til it’s over” ending doesn’t really satisfy

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