M-Theory: Charting tech’s path forward for 2018

I spent a lot of 2017 alternating between being angry and tired, which I say as someone with privilege out the wazoo. So when a coworker sent me this Wired piece, The Other Tech Bubble, picking apart tech’s ongoing issues, foibles, and cluenessless, I was all ready to put my snark on blast.
Snark is fun, but it’s content junk food, and 2018 is supposed to be our year of action. (Don’t worry, there will be future opportunities for snark.) So instead: some critical and (hopefully) constructive analysis.
We already know that diversity makes for better businesses, that harassment and –isms are wrong, and working yourself to death isn’t “crushing it.” Nevertheless, these persist.
Better paths have never been clearer and we as techies and citizens have never been more connected and more globalized. How are so many people still so clueless and toxic and resistant to change when change would benefit everyone? “Human nature?” Yeah, that’s a cop out.
Recently I was listening to a rebroadcast of this Freakonomics podcast about social and interpersonal trust. A lot of light bulbs went off in my head, especially regarding that Wired piece.
The podcast suggests that in some European countries, and Australia, among others,

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