Equipping employees for the jobs of tomorrow

On June 19-20, the second iteration of True North, the conference (and region-wide festival) about Tech for Good, will roll out at the Lot42 Global Flex Campus.
A key theme of this year’s True North event will be the Age of Re-learning and Future of Work. As technology progresses, as automation and artificial intelligence drive workplace change, the world must respond with education, training and skills development. In short, we need to figure out how to future-proof ourselves.
That’s precisely what Thomas Friedman, bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times foreign affairs columnist, will discuss at True North, leading off the event with a keynote talk that’s expected to riff from his latest bestseller, Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations.
A precursor to those very themes was explored Monday at a Future of Work and Learning Workshop hosted by Communitech at the Tannery Event Centre, the goal of which was to generate statements that will serve as a basis for brainstorming and problem solving during True North.
On hand to address Monday’s workshop and lead off the event was Ontario Minister of Labour Laurie Scott, who made it clear that the future of

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