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Over 25 Million Images Now Available for Just $1 Each

Want 25 million great stock images photos for just $1 each? Join the club.

The first rule of Dollar Photo Club is: all images are $1. The second rule is: ALL IMAGES ARE $1.


For and By Professionals

Dollar Photo Club is a dedicated image bank exclusively for creative professionals. Curated by FOTOLIA, the world’s #1 stock photo marketplace, Dollar Photo Club provides unique access to over 25 million images.

Just $1 per image

Dollar Photo Club membership means no daily limits, no hidden charges and no credit expiration; join today and you’ll get straightforward access to the very best images for $1 – all high resolution and professional-quality. And with 100,000 images added to our collection every day you’ll never need to worry about finding the right image again.

Join today

Membership of Dollar Photo Club is simple: just $10 a month gives you unlimited access to our images, all royalty-free and available for any project or document with absolutely no limits on time, region, or print runs. So, remember the two rules of Dollar Photo Club and join today.

No daily limits, no hidden charges, and no expiring credits – just 27 million top-quality images for $1 each. Always. Join now.

Dollar Photo Club

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Learn WordPress to Build Websites: New Courses in Toronto

Getting your website up and running doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or a lengthy process. There’s no reason to delay getting your site live today with the WordPress for Websites team. Learn the 6 Simple Steps you need to have your website live and working, with in-person support and guidance.

Whether you want to build a personal website or a site for your business, whether you’ve tried WordPress before or not, this is a way to learn an in-demand skill that can save and earn you money.

There are 2 types of classes being offered this fall in Toronto.

WordPress for Websites

1-Day WordPress Workshop

If you need to make or maintain a website, this class is for you! Get the basics of WordPress covered a day. Registration is now open here.

The One-Saturday Workshop is offered on your choice of either:

  • Sunday, September 21
  • Saturday, October 11
  • Saturday, November 1

This class will cover hosting and domain setup, website content planning, choosing and customizing themes, the WordPress back-end, cost scenarios, and resources for building your site.

Register Here for this 1-Day Workshop. Use the code SAVE10 for a 10% Discount.

1-Day Workshop

3-Day Site Builder Program

The 3-Day Workshops run for 3 consecutive weekends, where you will build and launch your complete website. Your choice of dates include:

  • Sunday, September 21, 29 & October 5
  • Saturday, October 11, 18 & 25
  • Sunday, October 12, 19 & 26
  • Saturday, November 1, 8 & 15
  • Sunday, November 2, 9 & 16

Are you are tired of struggling with getting your website or blog built? Are you working more on your website than on your business? Do you want a simple solution to getting your site up and running? In just 3 sessions, you can finally have your website done and ready to work for you, without coding skills. This workshop takes you through the 6 Simple Steps to creating your business website or blog, using the self-hosted version of WordPress ( Get 1-on-1 Mentoring support & a comfortable group size at great Toronto venue.

Register Here for this 3-Day Workshop.

3-Day Site Builder

The WordPress courses are developed and facilitated by Joy Howell, promoted by Now Creative Group and hosted at Project: OWL.

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Shop the Now Creative Group Store

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Imagine and Find It with GettyImages

Looking for something? Chances are, you’ll find it at GettyImages.

From cutting edge creative imagery to of the moment editorial shots, daily entertainment video to original music tracks, we put what you need at your fingertips.

Click the image below to get started in your search:

Getty Images

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Unlimited Web Hosting and Domains

Affordable web hosting services for your personal or business use

Offering Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth for all customers, eliminating the need to decide on the ‘right’ package out of several options.

Now Digital Network Web HostingNow Digital Network hosting is Powered by 100% Wind Energy, and creates Daily Backups of its servers.

Hosting accounts include 1-Year Domain Registration and ongoing Email Hosting.
Accounts also include FTP Access, POP Mailboxes and technical features you may need, such as MySQL Databases, Python, WordPress, Joomla, PHP 4 & 5 Support, CGI Directory and more – see list below “Awesome Hosting Infrastructure”.

  • Unlimited Student Plans only $55 per year.
  • Unlimited Corporate Plans $77 for the first year.

The perfect address for your website and email

One-Year Domain Name Registration: Just $12 for .COM or  $13 for .CA domains.
Discounts available for multiple year registrations, or free domains with select hosting accounts.

Awesome hosting infrastructure

44 Visionway,  Brampton, ON, L6P 1J2
Now Digital Network is continuously updating our carrier class hosting infrastructure to ensure that all websites remain available to visitors with over 99.99% uptime, with the following features:
  • Multiple, redundant high-speed connections
  • Redundant file storage with daily backups
  • Load-balanced routers
  • UNIX and Windows servers (Dell and IBM)
  • 24 x 7 systems and network monitoring
  • Cisco and HP network equipment
  • Real-time bandwidth monitoring
  • Automated account creation
  • Multiple, redundant firewall clusters
  • Real-time denial-of-service attack monitoring
  • Proactive and user-configurable spam protection
  • Industry-leading Operational Support System (OSS)
  • Virus protection
  • Award-winning ShopSite Shopping Cart
  • Apache 1.3.33
  • PHP 4.3.10 on UNIX, 4.3.4 Windows
  • Perl 5.8 UNIX, 5.8.3 Windows
  • Python 2.4.1
  • MySQL 4.0.22 UNIX
  • Time-tested escalation procedure

Ready to get online? Email

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Online Invoicing Service: Cloud Accounting

Focus on your work, not your paperwork.

Here’s a solid solution for making your business easier to operate. Fast and simple invoicing and time tracking services that help you manage your business, delivered by FreshBooks. These services will save you time, be easy to use, make you look professional, let you manage your books without an accountant, secure and back up your data, and be available 24/7 from anywhere with any computer.

Get started with a Free Trial here.

Online invoicing, billing, time tracking and more

  • FreshBooks helps you send and manage invoices online. You’ll actually enjoy invoicing!
  • Invoicing online is so easy, you’ll send your invoices sooner and clients will pay you quicker.
  • Bill 300K or less? FreshBooks is your accounting system. Bill more? Use our accounting integrations.
  • Accept payments online with Credit cards, e-Checks or PayPal. And with automated payment reminders, you won’t have to nudge your clients to pay you.
  • It’s so easy to track your time, that you’ll track more of it. You and your staff can track hours on a computer or mobile device.
  • Brand your invoices with your company’s logo and colors. You’ll get compliments on your billing system!

Cloud Accounting

Save 5 Hours a Month!

Ready? You can Get started with a Free Trial here!


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Online Computer Backup

Do you have important files that are vital to your business? Thousands of family photos and videos you couldn’t bare to lose? School or research documents you’ve spent endless hours on? What would you do if you lost everything? There is a simple solution – and once you start, you won’t even have to think about it.

Imagine, backups of all your computers and hard drives that are secure, offsite and accessible at anytime from anywhere. This is what Now Digital Network recommends through Backblaze – it’s so easy to use, that you won’t even know it’s there. You will love it.

Why backup everything online?

It’s not a question of will you lose your data—it’s when. Whether it’s a catastrophic event, such as an earthquake, fire, flood, or a mad panda that destroys your computer, or the more common virus, hard-drive crash, laptop left in a taxi, or coffee spill, your PC will eventually lose your photos, music, and documents.

Complete online backup system

  • Unlimited Data
  • External Drive Support
  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Continuous Backup
  • Automatically Finds Files
  • Automatic Throttle
  • Locate Computer
  • Free Web Restore
  • Restore to USB Hard Drive
  • Restore to Flash Drive
  • File versioning
  • 11 Languages

Get some background details on why online backups using Backblaze are the best option.

Can’t I recover data from a dead Hard Drive?

Not if your computer has been stolen—and rarely even if you have it. Companies charge approximately $3,000 to attempt to recover your data with no guarantee that you’ll glean anything from it. For the price of one attempted $3,000 recovery, Backblaze can backup your computer for 50 years at $5 per month.

OK, but I bought an External USB Hard Drive. Am I safe?

It’s a good start, but as the Backblaze VP of design says, “better safe than sorta safe.” Do you back up your data every day? Or do you sometimes forget? Are you sure you’re backing up the right files? Are your computer and USB drive stored in the same place, making both susceptible to the same risks? What if you go on a trip and leave the drive at home? You can’t backup or restore files while you’re gone. And if you take it with you? Then you’re more likely to lose both your laptop and USB drive at the same time!

So, how am I backed up with Backblaze?

You download a tiny application that installs in three clicks and doesn’t require a credit card or any information to start using it. This internet backup application automatically finds all your photos, music, documents, and other irreplaceable files—no matter where they are on your hard drive—and compresses and securely encrypts them. When you’re not using your computer, it sends them over the Internet to the remote Backblaze datacenters.

How can you backup everything online for just $5 per month?

We have developed a highly efficient storage system that enables us to optimize how we store data. And we’re counting on some people having a lot of data and others not very much, but that it will work out on average.

Look, I’m an advanced user, and I already have a set of RAID drives with Perl Scripts to copy my files back and forth between my 18 home machines that are in a datacenter I’ve built in my closet. Why do I need Backblaze?

Congratulations! It sounds like you’re passionate about backup—and so are we. In fact, you may even want to send us a note on the jobs page. But we still think you should try Backblaze’s online backup because it’s automatic, will save your data remotely, and is really inexpensive.

Ready to get started?

Backup, before you wish you had. Sign-up now, right here.

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Daily Deals for Web Professionals and Designers

Now Digital Network offers daily deals for web designers and developers on software, tools, services and tutorials. Awesome toolkits, templates, icons and more from a variety of sources are all offered below.

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FatCow Web Hosting Review: Affordable and Reliable

FatCow Web Hosting is udderly fantastic. It is one of the most affordable hosting plans available anywhere, and they have incredible service and support. You can start and save with FatCow HERE!

You get Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space, where you have the ability to host unlimited websites.

One simple hosting plan, with Budget pricing. Sign-up today with a Money-Back Guarantee.


FatCow’s selling point is simple: simple hosting facilities and simple to use services, eliminating the need for technical fiddling. There are two plans available, The Original FatCow Plan and The Minimoo. They offer a variety of professional services which can be added on (at extra cost).

Disclosure: Now Digital Network is compensated for promoting FatCow. Though, we use it too!

Get Started with FatCow Web Hosting Today

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