BRIDGIT+ DOZR : Two Rev Graduates Shaking Up the Rules

This video features Mallorie Brodie, co-founder and CEO of Bridgit, and Erin Stephenson, co-founder and COO of Dozr.
Both companies recently announced a Series A funding round. Bridgit, whose software helps streamline large construction projects, raised CDN$6.2 million in venture capital and another $1.5 million in debt financing, while Dozr, a rental platform for heavy construction equipment, raised CDN$14 million.
Both startups moved to Waterloo Region to build their companies, and both took part in Communitech Rev – an accelerator that helps companies with products in-market to boost sales revenue. Both companies are also led by women who are shaking up the rules of construction technology. See how.
More on Bridgit:
By Anthony Reinhart.
More on Dozr:
By Craig Daniels.
Video by Sara Jalali.
Special thanks to Dozr’s Rebecca Grieb and everyone who supported the production of this video.

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