Auvik CEO Marc Morin: Cease with the Valley envy

The Waterloo Region tech community needs to stop trying to emulate the model of Silicon Valley and instead play to its own inherent strengths, says serial entrepreneur and Auvik CEO and co-founder Marc Morin.
“Everyone says, ‘We want to be the Silicon Valley of the North’ and all that stuff,” Morin said Tuesday at a Communitech-hosted lunchtime event at the Tannery called Pizza with the Prez.
“I think everyone should vow, right now, to never say those words. Because what it’s doing is perpetuating the wrong metric and the wrong objective. We’re not that. So stop saying that.”
Instead, Morin says, the region and its companies should focus on basics: Develop, rather than acquire, talent. And sow the seeds that allow a forest of good companies to grow, rather than obsess about creating what he called a “tall tree,” meaning a Google or a Facebook or an Uber.
Most of all, he said, the region’s tech players must make peace with the notion that the Valley is a unique place, full of unique advantages and drawbacks, and that no city, not New York, or Amsterdam, or Paris, or Toronto, or Waterloo Region, is likely to ever replicate what it has become. And so stop

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