What is Now Digital Network?

Creating Creative Content and Custom Digital Media Properties

Part of Now Creative Group, Now Digital Network creates and delivers Digital and Media experiences online. From video series and podcasts to custom online magazines, blogs and social media communities, we have something for everyone.

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The Business Behind

Host Kim Parnell will interview guests that have hustled their ass off to get (and stay) where they are, but due to their impressive accomplishments in a specific domain, are not typically thought of as “entrepreneurs” first. Think actors, athletes, tv hosts, musicians, producers, authors, charity directors, chefs, etc. Through well researched questions and free flowing conversation, we will discover the strategies and tactics these uber successful guests employ and discuss how they can be applied to any type of goal. We’ll leave the typical “who, what, where, when” questions for the show notes, and spend the interview dissecting the mindset, daily habits, struggles and success stories!



The Daniel and Daniel Show

Entrepreneurship, Simplified. Hosts and Entrepreneurs Daniel Francavilla and Daniel Lewis discuss what it’s like getting started and running your own business, why creativity is important in entrepreneurship, how customer service takes you to the next level, and much more.

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Work Differently

Work Differently provides Career Advice and
How-To’s to help viewers dare to do work differently.
Host Kamara Toffolo challenges old work assumptions, antiquated work norms,
and show you how you can go against the grain
and still get ahead in your career.




Giving you honest and real healthy living advice on a
never-ending journey, navigating through the juice cleanses
and gluten-free diets to find my healthiest self. Recipes,
fitness tips… and gossip.

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The Indoor Voice

The Indoor Voice is a show for the curious and creative explorers of life
that see entertainment as an investment of time, embrace the unorthodox,
and seek to reinvent themselves and their ways of thinking


Canadian Creatives

Canadian Creatives showcases Canadian thinkers and designers.
Guests share their creative processes, innovative projects and unique
experiences. The team aims to motivate and inspire you on your creative
journey, while highlighting the diversity of careers, collaborations and
communities available for creatives in Canada.

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Featured Episode

The Daniel and Daniel Show launches their first episode, discussing the secrets of the Entrepreneurship life. Watch as they share the ups, the downs, and everything in between.


Online Properties

Our owned websites include the following properties and more:

Tips for startups and small biz, from getting started to growth.


Kick your lifestyle into shape, with useful tips by everyday people.


Brief bits of news, updates and events from various sources.